2.4G 8CH Micro Frsky D8 Compatible Receiver With PPM SBUS Output

$15.99 USD
SKU: d8frskymicrorx
Item Name: 2.4G micro receiver
Channel: 8 
Weight: 1g
PPM Output: Yes
Operating Voltage: 5V
Antenna Length: 30mm
Dimension: 11mm*23mm 
Control Range: 400m
Compatibility: Compatible with 
Frsky D8 series transmitter

How To Bind:
1, Use soldering iron to shorted solder joint of BIND,the supply power to the receiver,blue LED blinks fast means entering the binding mode.
2,Press and hold the binding button on the transmitter, in the meantime,turn on the transmitter,wait about 1 second,the blue LED stay on,means binding has succeed. Disconnected the solder joint of BIND.
3, Disconnect the receiver power supply,turn off the transmitter,re-supply power to the receiver,finally turn on the transmitter.
4, Blue LED blinks fast means receiving signal,blue LED light turn off means no signal.
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