MotoLab Cyclone STM32F3 Flight Controller (v1.2)

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The Cyclone uses the STM32F3 CPU withARM-Cortex M4 core and floating-point coprocessor for more efficient execution of fast looptime control algorithms, along with the low-noise MPU-6000 SPI-bus gyro chip for faster acquisition of gyro data.

This board is compatible with the recent revisions of Betaflight firmware, using the betaflight_MOTOLAB target files. The PWM outputs are bidirectional, and the board is compatible with BLHeli ESC passthrough programming using an external CP2102 USB-to-serial converter connected to UART 1.

The design also provides:

  • An on-board 600mA switching regulator for direct connection to lipos up to 4S, or up to 6S with power filtering.
  • USB interface independent of UART channels.
  • Three hardware UARTs. The UART 2 TxD signal is also pinned out to a connector.
  • Reverse current protection on lipo and USB inputs for problem-free ESC calibration.
  • Dedicated serial LED output with lipo voltage and GND.
  • On-board buzzer driver with 5V and lipo voltage option.
  • Built-in VBAT monitor with low-pass filter from lipo input.
  • Built-in RSSI monitor with low-pass filter.
  • Dedicated SAT receiver interface with 3.3v using JST connector for compatibility with Spektrum/LemonRC cables.
  • Dedicated PPM and serial receiver interfaces with 5V power using 0.1" headers.
  • Compatibility with receivers using Spektrum 1024/2048, SBUS, SumD and SumH receivers with built-in inverter.
  • High-quality gold plated 4-layer printed circuit board.
  • Connector arrangement for convenient access to serial interfaces, with PWM and other device connections on sturdy through-hole pin headers.
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