F3 Flight Controller With Integrated OSD

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This F3 flight controller, with its STM32 F3 processor that can do efficient floating point operations, gives your desired fast refresh rate to boost your FPV flight to the next level. At the same time, its integrated OSD saves the precious space and weight giving you a cleaner built and lighter setup compared to other flight controllers that need an external OSD.

This F3 flight controller save space without compromising your need to hook up motors, buzzer, sonar, I2C, GPS, LED, SBUS, smartport, battery monitoring all at the same time. Not only these, this flight controller has on-board black box recorder to log your system performance that is needed for your tuning.

It is available in Acro version and Deluxe Version. ACRO version comes with MPU6500 Accelerometers and gyroscopes. Deluxe version comes with MPU9250 Accelerometers and gyroscopes and BMP280 barometer.

CPU: Stm32F3 256K CPU
Memory: 16M high-capacity flash memory
OSD: Comes with OSD function
Size: 36X36mm board
Weight: 5g
Refer to the below for the various pins:
LS-F3+OSD v1 pin out
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